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Any kind of smart device or gadget. Nowadays we are buying only fresh used mobile from renowned brands. You can sell your used smart mobile or devices here so quickly by going through some small process or you can sell your device personally to our outlet. Keep in mind this process is totally hassle-free.

As we are providing the best value for your used Gadgets, so this is the best place to sell your used smart gadget or devices. Most importantly we strictly maintain Your data privacy, safety, and security.

So, this is the safest zone to sell your used Device.

Are you thinking about purchasing a new gadget but you have some shortage of money? Here, we have the solution for you in CPR Exchange.

If you have used gadgets like smartphones, laptops or SmartWatch, you can sell your gadget to us very frequently browsing our Website and hopefully, you would get the best price for your device. we have both offline and online options. You can sell your device from anywhere in Bangladesh by going through some easy steps at our website. Our representative will visit your location. Diagnosing your gadget and representative will pay you instantly for that device. On the other hand, you can physically purchase, sell or exchange your desired used device or smartphone from our physical store and get paid instantly without any hassle. 

Just follow the steps below to sell your used phone or used devices in the easiest and hassle-free way -

  • Select Sell your smart device from the home page 
  • Select Which device you want to sell (Select Smartphone If you want to sell used mobile)
  • Find out the device's brand and model (Such as: iPhone 7)
  • Select the Variant you have (Such as: 2|64 GB)
  • And get the value for your used device. (If your device is clean and fresh)
    To find out the exact value of your device then give some answers to find out the exact value of your device.